Thursday, December 6, 2012

elf and paint

 Busy with all the Marshfield ornaments- ordered 250 and need more! A huge thanks to my friend Linda who came and glittered with me  last night- I had to watch her carefully though- she wanted to glitter EVERYTHING!
She did a fantastic job- she will fit right in up at the North Pole.
I should call myself Sally Deanovich-
The show I saw Sunday spins me in a new - old direction. I am getting a good vibe through the Brooks Kelly paper. It's like a door opened up in my head....


Nancy Colella said...

Oh boy! Looks like something big is happening! So happy FOR YOU!

Margaret Bailey said...

Have you seen Fay Jones' work? She is a great Seattle artist who I used to follow. Your new pieces remind me of her work - love it!