Friday, March 8, 2013

Gratitude #65

Winter is here and yes- its been a struggle- but is there nothing better that an unexpected day off from school and work?
Of course the teachers and students will have to pay for this at the end of June, but to roll over and go back to sleep is the best. Remember when they had a siren at 6 AM to signal the closing of school?
I am glad they have improved the scrolling school cancellation notices at the bottom of the tv screen- it seemed to me that when they almost got to our town they would break for commercial and we would have to wait for the entire alphabet to go through again...Now we can look on line- and it's always all over Facebook. I sound like an old person!
Enjoy the day off- if you live up here in the Northeast- next week will be in the 50's. Cold if you are in the tropics- but balmy and beautiful here!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Lovely, Sally. Being a teacher, I always received a call in the very early morning....or the best was getting the call the night before.
Those 50s will be nice.

Sally Dean said...

Yes indeed!