Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gratitude# 74

                                                   Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I don't consider myself a lucky person- but when I think about it I really am. Just by sheer luck I was born- and incredibly lucky to be born in the USA - I could have been born anywhere! I met my husband and had my two  children. I love my home, my family, my friends,  my job, I have a sweet little dog that I adore. These are all things that are lucky!
There is also the kind of luck when things don't happen- like the tree that fell away from the house, the accident that didn't happen....
I think the luckiest thing that happened to me was bumping into my best friend from art school, Carol Acquilano, on a crowded street in Italy outside of the Accedemia in Florence, Italy, in 1985 . She just happened to turn around and there I was- on my way to find a bus to a hill town to draw that day.I would never have noticed her- she's a beautiful Italian girl and blended right in to the crush of people. We just stood there staring for what seemed like forever and then whoop-whooped!  I was on a 7 month adventure by myself in Europe, she was an artist- in -residence with the University of Athens, Georgia (they have campus in Cortona) and she was on a day trip to Florence. We spent the next couple of months or so together - in Florence, and Corona painting and playing, and we met up again later in London. We had lost touch for 4 years prior- it was a magical moment  and we have remained close ever since. Those kinds of things are reminders that maybe there's something bigger than us orchestrating  things - I really don't know- but it is so exciting and wonderful when those things happen!
If you have a story of luck or coincidence and want to share it with me I would love it- and will put it up on my blog. If you listen to "This American Life" on podcast there's one called coincidences- check it out!


Tim MacDonald said...

You are lucky, but you also bring that luck along with you wherever you go! AND you are lucky to have that sweet studio! AND your lovely pool, AND all your great girlfriends (yuk yuk) that love love love you. May you always be blessed with this *luck*.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

My husband hijacked my computer. It's ME that love, love, loves you! xoxoxo