Sunday, June 5, 2011

me ,myself and - still me

My painting challenge this month was self portrait- I procrastinated a long time but managed to get myself in front of a mirror..( eesh)
(above) self portrait done when I was 19 in art school in my Van Gogh phase
( we share the same birthday)
20"x24" acrylic on paper

self portrait done this morning
4"x4  acrylic on panel
I am proud to be older- 
rounder? not so proud, ( this is a tiny panel- cropped out the double chin!)
but hey- I'm accepting....I'm still here!

veiw the other self portraits here!


Paula Villanova said...

wondering if you had been reading a book on Van Gogh before your 20 year old self portrait?

LOVE the new one!

Linda Nickles said...

Hi Sally . . . well, I see the influence of VanGogh in your first portrait; but I can't see the second portrait at all. ??? I enjoyed meeting you Saturday and sharing So. Shore connections. I really like your blog, and will add your link to mine.

Sally Dean said...

thanks Paula- i was heavily can gogh-ee then... and linda- it was great meeting you too Linda and I will link you likewise!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I am still avoiding the self portrait :( Why? I dunno
Umm, you're cuter than either of these show ;)