Tuesday, June 21, 2011

out of my element 16"x2" oil

Can't seem to get this to work.
so much green! 
I would love some  constructive criticism- don't hold back!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

When is green not 'green'?
some possible suggestions:
1)use a limited palette
2)concentrate on the values first
3) read *behind* the green (i.e. the purple-y stuff under the grass, the bluer greens (possibly lighter too) in the distance, which I think you actually really nailed.

Maybe the grass shouldn't be so, so green. maybe yellower/grayer? You were there, we weren't, and I LOVE the distant view! Stop being so harsh on yourself!

Sally Dean said...

thanks Kelly- I really appreciate this comment!

Nancy Colella said...

Ha! One of my students last night painted her sky a peachy orange because she wanted "something to warm up all the green" And it worked! Also, someone told me once to always add a little red to your greens, because that's what's there! Really!