Thursday, June 23, 2011

still unfinished ... and a new beginning

I wailed on this in the studio-the middle tree area was killing me so I went at it with the palette knife-and added the chairs( thanks Carol J for that idea)
I might need to put this one away-  too much of a struggle. All of your suggestions were great though and helped me a lot.
Mostly its great to not feel all alone- thanks to the blogosphere!
Heres the painting I started the other day and might use as my demo piece- It's an adorable garden shed on the property.

It's raining now- my plants are very happy.


Maddie Mello said...

wow i love it with the chairs, it makes a huge difference!

Sally Dean said...

thanks Maddie!

Nancy Colella said...

I LOVE what you did with that! AND I can't wait to see you on Sunday at the event!

Paula Villanova said...

I agree with Maddie, the chairs make all the difference for me and add life to the entire painting.

I like it!