Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gratitude #22

Love em.
I do not feed them in the summer (sorry birds but the seed isn't cheap and there are bugs to eat!)
Watching them gives me such joy. It feels like a privilege to have them dine at my feeder. Red is my favorite color so cardinals thrill me! Thanks photoshop for allowing me to bring out the red I could not capture.. could do more but I have to work today.
BTW-Check out  "painting by Patricia" to see her amazing birds- she is doing the 30 day challenge too!

My sister cat watches cat tv on her iMac
It is a riot. I'm glad those birds are safe!


Paintings by Patricia said...

I love the cardinals also and they are so bright against the snow. Thanks, for the plug, Sally and I'll be doing 2 birds tomorrow, no time today...

Kim Stenberg said...

A lovely red of the bird!