Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gratitude # 25

I entered the annual Winter Juried Show in Duxbury last week. I have mixed feelings about entering juried shows - a rejection can send one into a torrent of self doubt and questioning... yet an acceptance is equally thrilling and validating.
Actually it is just some strangers opinions about your work, and it really is no more than their particular tastes and whether the other jurors agree. Anyway, all of my work was rejected. I felt a little bit down, but truly not that much- and so I am grateful that I have the courage to put mysef in the arena, and take the rejection in stride. It didn't hurt that a few other amazing artist friends of mine were also rejected.
I don't have fear about walking at night in the woods either, but I don't because there might be coyotes and my DOG is scared of them.
hee hee


Paintings by Patricia said...

Your thankful series is just wonderful Sally. I understand the show thing I took a year off from them. I did get in this year though, with an HM...go figure.

Pam Schoessow said...

This series is so wonderful I could see it as a small book or all together on a poster. I think they are all fantastic and very appealing. Keep them coming, please!

Sally Dean said...

Congrtas PAt!
I am psyched for you!
And thanks Pam! I am definitely working on a poster or set of small cards...