Monday, May 9, 2011

chaos and disorder!

My paints are all kitty wampus in my studio- I need to organize!
I looked at some photos from India today and was inspired by a man riding an elephant.
I haven't painted out of my head in a while- feels kind of great! Its a challenge when the outdoors is so nice- but I pop in and out of the studio - to plant seeds, dig in the dirt, take walks.
Life is good!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

kitty wampus! I love that.
I have two of them here tearing up the place.
Look forward to seeing the India inspired painting, too.
You rock. Truly :D

Fay Terry said...

Love this post-real life scenario and Yes, Life is Good!
My dad used that expression too but he used to say "Catty Wampus". It would be fun to know how it originated.
The India painting looks like fun.

Sally Dean said...

thanks for you comments!
I dont even know how the expression Kitty wampus started- but it sure describes the scene here!