Tuesday, May 10, 2011

still on the elephant and where is the sun?

 I went  into this one with naples yellow, cad red medium and orange. I had a curious urge for curry as I was painting this...
Here I am adding ultramarine blue and turquoise, trying to stay within analogous colors in each session.

Looking in my studio window. I need to paint the trim!
We've been having a series for cool cloudy days. Good for studio painting and transplanting, but people start to get complain y here in New England. Soon we will be crabbing about the humidity!
I try not to obsess about the weather anymore.
It is what it is ( that is so deep) but truly, one can only just be in whatever the weather is! Make the most of it , the sun will come out tomorrow!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

STAY on that elephant! And do not go see Water For Elephants!!! You'll sob!
I love seeing the step by step.
I love your paintings, period.

And I also love cool cloudy days!!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Loving it.
Loving the weather too :D
I know..I know...

Fay Terry said...

Wow- what a fantastic painting. Great choice of colors.
Same weather in NC, love all kinds of weather-we only need to worry if it sounds dangerous.
I used to paint a lot of things like this but I didn't like it
when people called it "whimsical". Maybe I should revisit it every once in awhile like you are doing!

Sally Dean said...

Thanks guys- Kelly- i did see that movie and have to say I loved it- except for THAT Part...poor Rosie.
MSW- I know you love this weather- after the blazing Florida sunshine! Fay- thanks for your comment- I too am not a fan of the word "whimsical" it implies bunnies and cutsie things, but hey-what the heck!
If you are in NC you MUST know JAne Filer- the best!