Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gratitude #35

Where can you go and leave with an armload of wonderful, inspiring , educational, entertaining free stuff?
The library is a sanctuary for my soul. I am fortunate enough to work down the street from the Duxbury Free Library. It is the one of the best libraries I've ever been to and I happen to be good friends with their amazing director ! 
Last Sunday Roland Merullo who wrote Breakfast with Buddha (along with several other books) gave a talk and signing. I loved that book and now and reading "Lunch ..." which is now on the shelves in paperback.
 I rarely go to these things and wonder why I don't - it was fantastic!  He  just awesome. He shared so much and was so funny and charming. What really resonated with me was his mention of his inner  "demons" who can self judge so harshly- I know so well at times while I am doing my art. I can see how it can sabotage even the best artists and writers and and all other forms of creativity- 
but what  he said was "never give up.

You cannot lose if you never stop trying.

WOW.... Thanks Roland.

( this is not the final one- actually I am not really done with him)
he is a model for a life size one I have started)

Carol J the director put my Breakfast With Buddha paper mache sculpture on the little table next to Roland-table- it wasn't actually  planned at all- I just happened to have made it.and thought to bring it... I tucked a little flower in his hands last minute.
 The Dunkin Donuts cup was to represent the road trip middle America... 

too bad the DD cup was a little stained but hey

This Friday at 8 PM is the James Library Valentines Event -
below is Library Director Caroline (another awesome friend!) 
with my cupcake collage pieces that will be for sale along with many other artist's pieces.
I was happy to hear this week that the Boston Globe had a picture of my art in it!

My Mom used to sit here. Miss you Mum!

I put copper tape around them all and papered the backs Pinterest pretty!

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