Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gratitude #57

I am very nearsighted-  don't need readers to read, although I do have progressive lenses on my specs. 
Below are two drawings done by my Great Grandmother- Lillian May Smith Dean, when she was 17
 ( in 1880)They are  in a show at the Boston University Art Gallery- I popped in there yesterday.
Pretty impressive- I had only have seen florals and landscapes by her.

Below are watercolors from last nights class in my studio-a wonderful group of health professional women. The theme was watermelon in watercolor.
I wished I had taken pictures of all the works- they were each lovely and unique!.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Wow, your grandmother's art is hanging in a museum! Wicked awesome!
Love your gratitude series and your energy to just go, go, go!

Kerry said...

Do you have a schedule of classes that you teach? I love you watercolors, they are always so colorful. I am enjoying your Graditude series.

Oil Pastel Society said...

Wow, amazing drawings by your great grandmother....Fun watermelons, can you still get them with the black seeds?

Sally Dean said...

Thanks you guys. I am not sure about the black seeds- maybe an organic one? I liked spitting them out as a kid....