Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gratitude # 39,40,41,42,43 and 44

We were out of Power for almost 5 days!
I have to admit- it wasn't awful... being unplugged was a good thing in many ways, but man oh man we sure were we happy to see the lights come on! Aside from a flooded basement we managed pretty well. It was fun to play games at night- and we all slept great ( except for cold noses)
I kept on being grateful - heres why!
Winnie gives me so much joy and plenty of cuddling.

We never lost hot water !

I played a little bit on my recorder. My old wooden alto from when I was 12.

We were able to cook on our stovetop.
I made a pot roast!

Candles are the best. Flashlights too.

This truly saved us.
Burned straight for 5 days and kept us toasty!
So today its clean up, laundry, shopping and dealing with wet stuff in basement.
Sun is shining!
I hope people are getting back to normal..I really feel for those directly on the coast -they got hammered.
WOW I just realized- today is the 44th day of the year- I am right on schedule!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You actually had a lot to be grateful for! One thing is a husband who thinks outside the box and makes sure you have a nice fireplace and cooktop!!! GO AL! Let's hope we are not tested in this way for a loooooong long time!

I love love love your watercolors, and am grateful for them!

Nancy Colella said...

These are just wonderful! So glad you are continuing. Thanks for the beautiful daily reminders.I agree. GO AL!

Lisa Daria said...

Welcome back! I'm happy to see your latest posting - These watercolors are great fun to see and to anticipate what you'll think of next- such a good idea for a series!

Sally Dean said...

thanks you guys!