Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gratitude #53

This is Tink.
She was found wandering in my brothers yard a few years ago- a scared little kitten with a white flea collar on..
We picked her up and went around the neighborhood looking for her owners, but no one claimed her. One of my neighbors offered to hold her until the owners were found, but it seemed that she had been abandoned. The next day another identical kitten with a white flea collar was spotted down by the creek. It wasn't as easy to get him- he was scared and ran away. My daughter finally rescued  him out of the dumpster in my brothers yard - she could hear his mewing.
I am grateful to my friend Mary who adopted them both.
The boy kitty never was really ok, he had issues, so was adopted again and is very happily living on a farm . Tink is still with Mary and is the sweetest girl, and Mary tells me she is pretty vocal.
I love cats, but I love my husband more- he is allergic to them.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

It appears I love everything you do and I know it is because of one simple face - you do it very, very well!

Sally Dean said...

Thank you Julie! Im a big fan of yours too.

PeaceBang said...

Tink looks like Ermengarde!!