Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Back from France- Day One

I loved every second of this trip- this watercolor  is from the first painting session in Sucy- en Brie.

We had a grey sky to start off so I looked for a bit of color. I loved the buildings and the roofs!
Our wonderful host and Mumma- Monique! Her house and gardens were so beautiful- as is she.
Language was a bit of an issue ( I WISH I COULD SPEAK FRENCH!) - but we managed to communicate with the i-pad- and charades- and we did learn a lot!
We  love Monique so much!

Every meal was lovingly and beautiful prepared and presented. Delicious. 

This was in the Ongerey- next to the chateau in Sucy. Very cool exhibit of Marc Giger and students "response "pieces in clay.

We met and mingled- we were all pretty spacy from no sleep!

Out side the Chateau...

We were walking around the town and I spotted in the window an advert for the American visit- the 
chocolatier had printed Irena's and my art on chocolate! We were stunned!

Shots of Sucy

Classic- beautiful. Charming. I'm in love with Sucy!

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We miss our wonderful artists and especially "Sally with her wonderful cards" as Eleonore says...
23.4.3 :)
PS: Thanks for all! The lighthouse and the alphabet are hanged and we think of you each day when we watch them. Take care. See you soon.