Friday, June 5, 2015

Saturday in Sucy!

I'm sort of getting the days mixed up but it's okay, you get the gist.. On Saturday we painted in the morning and then had a wonderful brunch at a local cafe .The sister city committee had taken our art ( that we brought) and framed and displayed them beautifully! 

Waiting for the cafe to open.

                   Look at how pretty our work looks! Betty Tufankjian and Nancy Howells here...

Mine on top- Irena Roman below- I sold one and a bunch of other artists too!
look at how pretty the food looks.

Betty and Marie

After brunch  we all were taken to their local cultural center where there are all sorts of art activities going on- clay, painting, woodworking, cooking and music- all within the walls of an old castle...amazing.
We could choose to make macaroons or paint wooden pieces to look like old wine crates- I had no trouble choosing! Although we sampled some cheesecake and fig macaroons- yummy

Our funny and  fun french art instructor- she taught us how to mix powdered pigment into paint and layer colors- with wax in between. We had a blast.

                       Cedric Musso- the President de l'association pour le Jumelage.
- (the president of the sister city project) -addressing the group. He is the sweetest kindest guy!
                                                Everything they do is on a volunteer basis.

                                                                  The pottery studio..

Wood turning

                                                    Some random cool  doors and shopfronts

I have so much more to write about.
Thanks for looking!

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