Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunday in Servon and the Market

We certainly lucked out where we stayed- our host Monique had a gorgeous garden and home-here is Julie and her Mom Brenda- two new friends- painting on the patio.

                                                 I painted this lovely pot of geraniums.

                                                 Nancy Sargeant Howell in her element!

              Here we are toasting our fellow North River Arts board members back home with 
champagne- we were so happy to hear of a great festival weekend.

       Earlier that day we went to a wonderful open market in Brie-Comte- Robert. This church was       beautiful.

the colors!

Castle ruins- we talked over a moat!

 Irena and I with our host Monique)

the streets

bookstore window

Adorable children's shop.

Later that day we went to a lovely park in nearby Yerre. It was like stepping into a Seurat painting. I loved how the families were enjoying the Sunday together.   The scarecrow was painting in the community garden there.

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