Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sucy and the Tuileries Gardens

Here's our  wonderful tour guide Michel showing us the museum in the 14th century castle. 
I wish we had a castle in Marshfield... sigh.

I forgot to post this from the d'Orsay. A model of Paris you can walk over. 

Art store! Monet shopped here. I bought a pen. There were artists smocks- I wanted one really bad.

These were in the window...

This is the Louvre from our picnic/painting spot in the Tuileries gardens. 

Nancy Howell Sargents painting...

Me looking so French! (sort of)
I wore that jacket every day- and I had a variety of scarves. Great thing to have on a trip is scarves.
My shoes, not stylish- but tres comfy. I was happy!

Who had too much wine?

These goats were fabulous lawn mowers.

AAAARGH! Do we have to leave????

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

you look awesome and veddy veddy French :D

LOVE the model of Paris in the floor!