Thursday, June 18, 2015

Monique Magnifique Maison and Musee d'Orsay

Im a little out of order here but wanted to share these fun shots of our Sunday afternoon feast at the lovely Moniques house. Her son and wife and twi grandchildren joined us. We were especially very grateful to her 16 year old grandson ( who I didn't get a photo of sadly- gorgeous guys) who got ushooked up to her wifi! hooked up to her wifi! 

This was a special cake for dessert- a cheese cake type delight with a caramel sauce - and petit fors,,

Irena painting...

the pool was a little cool for swimming...

Front of her house,

beautiful planter

Look at her lovely kitchen!

beauty everywhere! 
below are some favorites from the Musee d"Orsay.

                   below- details of a painting from Italy- wished i had written down who did this!

The museum. It was originally a train station. 

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