Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Altered Book - mixed media

This is the first page of an altered book- this discarded book is titled "Monsieur".  I drew on the page - then painted over it with acrylic. I am thinking on my busy work days that I will work on filling this book with flowers. I will have fun seeing what words are written on the pages...perhaps it will direct my painting in some way.
on a side note-
I have a wonderful daybook my dear mother- in -law gave me years ago called "Simple Abundance" by Sara Ban Breathnach.
Today's page was titled "Acres of Diamonds' and beautifully mirrored how I have been feeling about my life, my daily painting practice, and my little backyard studio.
It's by Russell H. Conwell and it is very well known. I just thought I would share it with you.
A Persian farmer named Ali Hafed sold his farm and left his family to travel the world in search of diamonds. He looked everywhere but could not find the diamonds he lusted after. Finally, alone and in despair as a homeless pauper, he ended his own life. His search for riches had consumed him. In the meantime, the man who had bought his land from Hafed was grateful for every blade of grass that was now his and lavished love and hard work on his farm. At night, surrounded by his family and eating the fruits of his labor, he was a contented man. Finally one day he made a remarkable discovery. In the backyard that Ali Hafed had abandoned was a diamond mine- literally an acre of diamonds. The simple man became wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. 
Sara writes " We all have an acre of diamonds waiting to be discovered. We all have a place from where to begin. Let your imagination soar, for it is your souls blueprint for success. On the Simple Abundance path you will discover that your own opportunity for personal success, authentic happiness and financial security is as close as your own back yard."

I just loved reading this today!

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