Monday, January 4, 2010

New York WIndow Flower 4" by 6" watercolor on paper

The entire time I was painting this in my sketchbook in our hotel in New York I could see someone's legs working away on a treadmill in a window below ours-I admire that persons stamina!
 This drawing is from an idea I had when we checked in and looked out the window- there was one bleak plant in a whole building of windows...sort of poetic. We went to see the Kandinsky exhibit today at the Guggeneheim- a wonderful retrospective of one of my all time favorites.
Al and I spent the whole afternoon in the Museum. Now I have New York feet-and if you know the Guggenheim you can imagine the cement spiral- the show goes up, not down.
 I love New york- even for only one night- it is the greatest city to me.

Here is the sign I've been looking for for the New Year!

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

I love the sketch/painting! And so happy for you to spend the day at the museum! My one visit to the 'G' I had to leave or barf, because it was an exhibit of very realistic tiger sculptures being shot full of arrows, and it turned my stomach!

And, babe... Become Your Dream....

I LOVE NYC, too!