Thursday, January 28, 2010

Amaryllis in the house 8" x 30" oil on salvaged panel

I was too afraid to try to move this out into the studio this morning so I dragged all my painting stuff into the kitchen.
The light was lovely and it was a refreshing change to be in the house.
I had to leave it midstream however- not something I like to do...

After another marathon day I finished it- or at least covered all of the panel...the light was totally different. I felt like I was more Matisse-y here....(I wish)
It will have to sit for a while and dry before I actually finish it.
I dragged everything back out to the studio tonight. Phew!
I think I will paint in the studio tomorrow...all this moving is too much work!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Gorgeous plant and I love the patterns in this.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The first thing I noticed was the window seat!! I love it. Beautiful pillows and patterns. I'm sure this is the handiwork of Mr Al! I say, if you want a handy husband marry an Italian guy ;)
Your work is unique. I love it.
You're rocking this blog!

Caroline Chapin said...

I love this. My amyaryllis is in full va va voom right now too and it is a perfect lift to this chill. by any chance will any of these images be for sale???