Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Improvement

My daughter Markie returns from her semester in London this friday- Al and I have been working on her room- Al sanded and varnished the floors and I painted all day today- her walls are now "coral buff". I am totally fried but it's done!
This flower was only there for about 5 minutes before I rolled over it-I was thinking about how many times I have painted this room- I can still see the impression of some of the crazy murals I did when the girls were little. Markie had some big stripes and checkerboards on her walls and Maddie's room once had a huge killer whale and a corgi with a diving mask -seaweed and fish and a treasure chest- I had so much fun doing those!
I was getting  a little nostalgic today.  Painting walls is meditative in a way-mindless...I didn't even listen to music- I enjoyed the birdsongs outside and the way the light changed in the room as the hours passed. We had the full gammet of weather today-sun, a thunderstorm, gentle rain, ending with a sunset.


Nancy Colella said...

You are SUCH a cool MOM!

Paintings by Patricia said...

What fun. I painted woodwork all day yesterday...