Monday, May 17, 2010

kids art

Today I was a visiting artist at Derby Academy in Hingham.
I showed first graders my flower paintings and they painted rainforest flowers with acrylic.
I just love how kids paint- no inhibitions, no judgment- just the joy of putting  paint on paper.
Loved it.
Tomorrow I am teaching 5 other totally different lessons in one day.
This  girl was so excited about her use of lights and darks...

This one is a frog in a tree- the girl wanted it to look like the sky coming through the trees- I can see it! She left the white of the paper to show the transparancy of the blue---

The boy who painted this one had a birthday crown on! He was smiling the whole time! Oh to be 7 again...


Paintings by Patricia said...

I love little kids paintings....they are so free.

Sally Dean said...

meeee toooo

Manon Doyle said...

How fun!! I always am amazed at the great sense of color they have.