Thursday, May 27, 2010

mystery painting

Today and yesterday I worked on my giant murals for the annual GRAD NIGHT LIVE- an all night celebration for the seniors at Marshfield High School.
I've been helping with the murals for a long time- my youngest is about to graduate and I cannot even believe it. This community always amazes me how they come together to decorate and pull off this party- transforming the school into a thematic wonderland. It is open to the public on Saturday June 5 at 7:00- fun fun fun! The little kids LOVE it! Come see!
The seniors arrive at 10 PM and are checking in- they stay all night -it gives them a whole night to hang out with their friends- there is food, dancing, movies, tattoo artists ( temp of course) caricature artists, hair styling, bouncy-houses and psychics. I used to work all night as a portrait artist and loved seeing the kids- all going places- so excited.  Happy-sad. I can't work all night anymore- too old for that!
I cannot post this years murals because its a secret! I am so thankful for Kathy Young, Jean Sullivan ( who lives in another town and STILL helped me!) my cousin Julie and Sue Sheehan for helping me. It was fun and we got two huge murals done.
Here's my last years mural - I do the donor thank you wall.
I am taking the weekend off from posting- its a holiday weekend and the Art Festival!
Look at the "Wicked Local!" Its my poster!

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