Monday, May 31, 2010

Perfect 10 Weekend

This holiday weekend was PERFECT!  The festival was a blast ( beautiful weather helps!) family and friends, music and food- parties- gardening- painting and just plain hanging out- What fun!
These cuties are not mine- but sure resemble Winnie and Ollie ( although these dogs don't fight)

This little angel was SO excited for the festival! I put her in my demo painting ( you will see that tomorrow)

Chalk drawing on the street- I'm sorry but can I steal these children?

I was the poster child! I felt SO special....

The parade on Monday- thank you to all those who have served and fought for us.
I am glad we are reminded every year by going to this ceremony.


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Great photos, Sal! You look so CUTE! I think I'm going to steal some of these for paintings... hope you don't mind - remember I forgot my camera?

Anonymous said...

This looks like such a great time. And you make a very cute poster child. ;^)