Saturday, May 15, 2010


SOS stands for "Student Outdoor Sculpture" a high school show I curate each year, together with the art teachers from several area high schools- the opening is tomorrow at The Art Complex Museum. I love what the kids come up with every year- and tomorrow as a  group  students, teachers, parents and general public will all walk around the grounds together and the kids will describe their pieces. This is my 9th year doing this- I am just getting used to having to do public speaking - but it's fun.
Here are a few of my faves-
Small Changes- Big Impact by Inly School, Scituate( cut up plastic bottles!)

 Stargazer  by Silver Lake High School ( this one is AMAZING in person)

The Road Less Traveled  by Silver Lake High School

Humphrey by Scituate High School ( how CUTE is this?)

Ophelia by Scituate High School ( love the gators!)

Soda Dragon by Silver Lake

Our Tribe by BayFarm Montessori Academy, Duxbury

Burning Man by Plymouth North High School

Height by Silver Lake-made from plastic coke bottles- lights up at night ( from last year)
The show is up till June 6- worth a visit!


nancy Colella said...

You are incredible! Those kids must get such a kick out of doing this. So creative! They are so lucky to have you at the Museum.

Paintings by Patricia said...

Thanks for sharing these, Sally. This is a great project that you do and the results are amazing.