Monday, August 23, 2010

#338 On my windowsill, Maddie's Mum, oil on birch panel 6"x6"

A few months ago I found a collection of  8 old bottles at the Duxbury dump ( they call it the "mall" in Duxbury!) and I lined then up on my kitchen windowsill. They are lovely shades of  light blue and green. I  put a single blossom in each one- this spider mum was a gift to Maddie the final night of the musical at camp almost a month ago- its fading- but I love the way it looked this morning with the green blue rainy light of the back yard behind it- so I got my easel and painted it inside.
We are having a few days of much needed rain and its amazing how my mood changes-it reminded me of last summer and how it rained so much- it was a challenge for us New Englanders who wait all yea for the summer- I found this poem I had written on my computer so I thought I would share it with you.

What the weather taught me- June 2009

Here it is the middle of June
and I can't shake this feeling of doom.
Expecting warmth and lots of sun,
instead we face this dark monsoon

My spirits sag with every drop,
I feel the mood around me flop.
I’m sick of being in the house,
and wish this endless rain would stop

But what I've learned is loud and clear,
that in the moment I am here.
My expectations need to change
and accept the life that I have near.

Maybe I am a better painter than a poet- but I was moved to write this- We were all struggling with it- a lot of people were very depressed! But the lesson is to accept, and we did- no other choice to make. And the sun did come out- eventually!
What a difference a year makes...


Paintings by Patricia said...

Indeed, what a difference a year makes and we do need this rain. Our lawn may not catch on fire now....
Lovely painting and poem.

Manon Doyle said...

I adore the painting and the poem. Hope you're doing well, Sally!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That mum looks fabulous. Not easy to paint either. I love your bottle collection too.
The poem says it all. The weather matches our moods :D