Sunday, August 15, 2010


My sisters shower went off beautifully today-everything went so well and flowed perfectly.
I can't paint today- I am SO tired- but I did make 30 of these little flowers for the AMAZING cupcakes by Roberts Roost  of Marshfield. ( to DIE for- especially the red velvet!)

so- does this count as a flower?

Here are some more shots of the day.

oh the cupcakes...

Winnie was a big star today- she loves girls.
and here is the after shot of Markie- my chief cook and bottle-washer-I  could not have done this with out her and Maddie!

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Those CUPCAKES!!!!!

Congratulations to the bride! You are so lucky to have Maddie and Markie as help!