Saturday, August 14, 2010

teaching the camp kids

Today I toured 21 kids from Camp Wing in Duxbury around the Museum, and gave them the materials to paint their own plein air painting.
I have to say- these kids were fantastic. Middle school age. Great kids!
They truly enjoyed the museum and studied the paintings with quiet concentration. I loved listening to them talk about what was their favorites and why. We painted outside- the weather was perfect- sunny and dry. Here are a few of the things that happened.

this kid HATED his- I love it...

I think they liked having to mix the primary colors and painting on the yellow ground.
I learned a lot about teaching too- being prepared is key!
I spent the rest of the day running around preparing for the wedding shower I am hosting for my sister Bryson on Sunday- but spent 15 minutes on my flower.
Not a a masterpeice by any stretch, but I loved the little bit of time spent painting.

My impatiens.

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