Monday, August 30, 2010

#340 I'm Baaaack!

I took a break. Last week was tough- I really didn't like the first day of "empty nest syndrome". It felt like summer abruptly crashed to an end, and the motherhood part of life was over. Yet, its just a new chapter and I know the kids will return. They are both happy and where they want to be.  I  went out painting after work both Thursday and Friday of last week and caught the beautiful peach-colored 5 o'clock light. This is Bumpus park in Duxbury- lots of girls were having their senior portraits taken as I was painting- of course that made me a little melancholy.
Life goes on, kids grow up, yet the little miracles are all still there. The poignancy of these passages gets you right in the throat. Just breathe and keep on swimmin, swimmin.
Today summer returned- it was hot! I had a great afternoon lolly- gagging around my yard with my wonderful sister in law Karen , niece Miki , and mom in law. It was peaceful  and relaxing. Finished the day with a walk on the beach with Winnie and a crisp cold glass of chardonnay on my good  friends deck.
Life is good.


Paula Villanova said...

What a COOL picture of Winnie!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Yeah... it's that catch in your throat that gets you. BEautiful painting... serene...
I remember I worked ringing up groceries with another mom - our kids were middle school and up - and this woman came through with a 2 week old baby - still smelling that 'new baby' smell - and we both, simultaneously, got that 'catch', which turned into tears - ALL the while we had to keep 'ringing' - and later, when there was a break in the action we looked at each other and saw that 'baby effect' of red eyes - and we couldn't stop laughing - being a mom NEVER stops. My MIL tells me that all the time.
Oh, Winnie! xoxo

Boston Baked Beads said...

Ugh - I feel your pain. I thought of you a lot over the weekend when I saw your previous post. Just dropped Riley off Sunday and I feel like someone stole the oxygen from the house. I still have two more at home but it still an awful feeling - like the beginning of the end. But so much fun and excitement for them, so that' good. Let's make plans to get together soon, ok?