Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#9/80 The River ( my attempt) 8'x8' acrylic

Although I live in Marshfield, I am not  really a marsh painter.
Just cannot get it, it looks a little better on the blog, however I did it!
It sure was fun. Beautiful at around 4:30 yesterday.
I have my acrylic kit small enough to fit in the basket of my bike- so I am combining fitness and painting.
And socializing of course!
Last night after dinner we drove down to Humarock beach to see what it looked like with no lights
 ( 2 days still no power there.)
We were lucky and only lost it for about 8 hours Sunday.
It was amazing! The stars were so bright! The beach houses along the wall looked so cozy and magical with the candlelight- one house had people sitting around a table playing cards and knitting.
We were there for about 20 minutes when suddenly we heard cheering- and realized the power had just returned. it was both great and a little disappointing....
However the one house with the card players looked the same - they use candles and lanterns all the time anyway. They probably didn't even know!
I love it.
Its hard on the freezers of spoiling food, and the sump pumps not doing there jobs...
but maybe we should all take breaks from the lights now and then.
 And the phones and tv's and computers
 ( but then you wouldn't be able to read this!)
I'm just sayin'....

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