Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cold Storage Beach #4/80 and Irene concerns

Its been a gorgeous 3 days on Cape Cod. I poked around in Wellfeet on the way and popped into a few galleries. I think that is my favorite town here on the cape. Our rental was right over the Truro-Ptown line on the beach side. Basic but nice. Thursday's painting was in Provincetown. It was fun to be amidst the people, but it got a little crowded. Yesterday was  Truro,  it was heavenly there! I have great memories of being there with my family These paintings will be posted on my return but I chose this one to shows- my favorite so far. although I want to work on it a bit more.
Lots of folks packed up and left early, plywood is being nailed up over a few windows, but generally the feeling is that its not going to be bad. Judging from the crowds on Commercial Street last night no-one was overly concerned. I hope that Irene keeps losing her punch!

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

isn't this the most wonderful spot? Nice work with this one Sal.