Tuesday, August 16, 2011

back yard treasures

Im getting ready for a class tomorrow- teaching a mother and daughter class ( actually have an opening for one more mother daughter combo if anyones interested- its 5-8 pm- $30 per person) in mosaics.
I swam in my pool today even though it was not inviting and cloudy- but because of my new challenge I made myself do it.I feel much better now and it was lovely! I was inspired to share some flowers in my backyard, a little rain weary, but still beautiful!
My studio garden- lots of Datura this year!
my little frog pond..
A Datura blossom ready to bloom
and its prickly seed pod
A birdfeeder volunteer!
pretty leaf from a gift my friend Gail gave me
My daughter Markie's mosaic bee on our outdoor shower
 couple of zinnias

and the rose of sharon!
Summer is at it's peak!

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