Monday, November 9, 2009

Avante garde in her yard 22"x28'' acrylic and oil on canvas

I finished this one today ( I think) for the upcoming Avante Garde show at Oceanside gallery- opening has been in the works for a while...
I also finished the Sacagewea piece with all the cut up cans.


Creative Blogger Award

Thank you, KELLEY MACDONALD, for this award! Kelley is the person who inspired and encouraged me to do this blog (as well as MSW- you know who you are) and I have learned so much from her daily paintings! She is personal and humble and funny in her posts-she also blogs about her adorable and incorrigible pug Paco. Not to mention a FANTASTIC artist!
Well, now I'm supposed to reveal 7 non-art things about myself (you get enough of these awards, and there's not much people won't know about you!). So here goes:
1) I have two corgis- Oliver and Winnie, and sometimes Winnie attacks Ollie. She's usually cute but sometimes.....
2) I love snow and take my cross country skis to local  places when the conditions are right- once I skiied in the back woods and golf course at work during my lunch break!
3) My favorite restaurant is El Serape in Weymouth and I love the "Camarones Javier the best ( with a marguerita!)try it!
4)When I was 5 I was swimming in the North River at the Union Street bridge -and got caught in the current there- some random guy saved me( I wasn't drowning but panicked) When I was in high school I spent my summers jumping off the very same bridge!
5) I have two amazing daughters- one is an interior design major at Syracuse and the other is about to graduate High school...applying to lots of colleges...
6) I love to shop at the dump and find free stuff
7) My dad lives on the big island of Hawaii with his wife on a sheep farm and I am going to visit again this spring when its lambing season!They have 2 dogs, a cat, chickens, 2 cows ( I think unless one has gone off to heaven(:) and lots and lots of sheep! Its the best painting place ever.
OK!~ Now for passing on this wonderful award! To the recipients: just list 7 things about yourself (non-art related) and then kindly pass on the award to 7 deserving bloggers! Here goes, check these guys out:
1)  Diane Hoeptner - she does some amazing flowers- inspires me a lot!
2)  Mary Sheehan Winn- great artist and funny as all get out
3) Pat Isaac- wonderful artist and teacher
4) Bryson Dean- my best sister ever and incredible graphic designer and teacher-motivated!
5) Myra Jae- creative and fun - love the coffee
6) Karin Jurick - Outrageously good painter-unconventional(love that)
7) Paula Villanova- last but not least-awesome artist with her very own style!



Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Oh Sally! Thanks so much, I'm honored!

Sally Dean said...

You are welcome! Well deserved.

Paula Villanova said...

Hey Sally...I LOVE Sacagewea work! It reminds me of the images I see in Mexico...but of course, with your personal twist. And your Avante Garde in her Yard reminds me of some of Chagall's pieces. Beautiful. And thanks for the award!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh Wow. I love the Sacagewea piece, too. Reminds me of Miss August and thanks for the Kreativ Blogger award. I am in good company, I see.
I will post soon. I'm a bit behind after spending the weekend in New Hampshire with my sweet little boys :D

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

Sally thank you so much! I love and am very encouraged by your work! Thank you again!