Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Gail's Hunting" oil on panel 8" x 8"

I love a good caper- and here's one- this lovely black tin was stolen last night from my friends kitchen  after a wonderful gathering . I admired it, and upon leaving, swiped it !
Of course- I plan on returning it- but I think it would be fun to steal from my friends and surprise them with the missing item on my blog! A whole new twist the aquisition of floral objects!
I hope you didn't worry too much about it Gail- I did remove the tea that was in it but found a few stray bags at the bottom- I had a nice cup of jasmine tea-sip- aaahhhh.

For some reason the tin appears to be levitating....probably adjusting the shadow might be the trick.
Well, it was "lifted"!


Gail Hunter said...

Oh you little sneak. I love it! The colors are so vibrant. When I first saw the painting, I thought you had done it from memory with the short time you saw it. But I'm very impressed with your creative "lifting". And glad you had a bonus cup of tea. Can't wait to go over to your house and do a little lifting of my have so much to chose from.

Sally Dean said...

I love sneaking!
I will be sure to steal from all of the sistahs- no one is safe anymore!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

that story is SO great! I think you should run with this idea, no pun intended ;) I love this painting. Yes, tweak the shadow to get this to 'land'. Great work on this pattern.