Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Its for You!" 8" x8 "oil on panel

The telephone. What a cool thing!
 Alexander Graham Bell would be amazed at how his invention has transformed the world.
Back in the day getting a call was exciting, a mystery as to who was on the other end. Getting the cord stretched as long as possible as to steal a little privacy. Polite callers identified themselves to the person receiving the call. I always felt embarrassed to say "this is Sally, may I please speak to so and so?"
There was a time limit to our calls as someone was undoubtably waiting for a call, or wanting to make one. Calling to find out what  time it was was so fun fun ( dial "m-e-r-m-a-i-d-) and of course prank calls were untraceable ( oh no- I never did that!)
Plans could be made or spoiled depending on whether or not you get the call.
Now, of course-now its all different.
We are connected, at all times. I guess that's good, but we have lost something too- the down times,the mystery. Admittedly I am totally addicted to my IPhone, it's unbelievable. I am as obnoxious as the next guy. This past summer I left it behind at a restaurant in Boston and had a freak out until my sweet husband drove there and fetched it the next day. Im hooked ( no pun intended) and there's no turning back. 
I wonder if i could actually have a cell free day. It would be cool- but I might miss something!

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