Friday, November 27, 2009

Mimi's myrtle ...8" x 8" oil on panel

My husbands mother (Mimi) is moving out of her house and into my sister-in-law's house until the addition they are building is completed. Mimi's house was pretty much emptied out today by 13 of us (Mimi has 6 kids so there is always a good gang of us). My husband and his siblings and Mimi  had packed everything really well and  it was all super organized, so loading the truck was a piece of cake!
We have had a lot of fun in her sweet little house.
It always felt like a chalet to me with its cathedral ceiling and warm wood walls -always bright and cheerful and welcoming. These flowers were blooming in her front yard, a few blossoms even in November! I also was given this sweet little vase by her...
She moved there soon after Al and I were married- we celebrated many fourth of julys, birthdays, thanksgivings, Christmasses, baby and wedding showers, and simple fun get togethers. I know my kids will miss it as it was always Mimis house to them.  I enjoyed a few getaways there on my own and enjoyed spending one on one time with Mimi. Her new digs will be great, and she will not have the worries of upkeep that come with a owning a house. She will be surrounded by loving family and we look forward to moving her into her finished house when it is completed.
We will miss the old, but we look forward and welcome this change, for change is good.

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