Friday, March 19, 2010

200th post giveaway!

Here is the first oil I did here-and I planned to give it away- but I did another one this morning and I think its better! The first painting is a bit like the first pancake on the griddle I think-the next one is just better.
Here it is-

you don't get to see it!
It is an oil on cradled panel 6x6
E-mail me by midnight est by Sunday and and I will put your name in the hat!
I  already have a few names- so if you asked already you are covered.
Had a fun day with Dad- he took me on a tour of the hardware stores and feed store in Hilo- and I found some odorless turps at their only art supply store- Ben Franklin.
We had lunch at the old Hilo Hotel- and saw where the Tsunami didn't come ( this time). 
Tomorrow Jan sells eggs and wool at the farmers market in Waimea- and if it's nice I am hoping to paint there.

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Anonymous said...

I think your first attempt is beautiful! What a wonderful time it sounds like you're having.