Friday, March 26, 2010

Darrell Hill Workshop at Anna's ranch

This is Anna's ranch in Waimea where the workshop was held.
Darrell Hill was the teacher. I think it was the first real bonafide grown up plein air workshop I've ever taken. The coffee and muffins were welcoming-
Always a nice touch to have a little cuppa.
First he gave us an overview of his technique and was very clear about his way not being the only way. He was humble and nice. I liked him.
HOWEVER-it would have been good to have the group introduce themselves.
I think its a good way for people to be able to break the ice. I guess he felt  there wasn't enough time, but it would have been interesting to know where  everyone was from.
Then he did a demo- 

And we crowded around to see him do this 20 minute painting.

He really knows his stuff!
Then we were told to find a spot...

This guy was good- from Reno ( I got that info on my own) and looked a little like Sean Penn ( I actually thought- is that Sean Penn? -NO WAY!) He  was a good painter.
Also had a brand new easel and I was more than  a little jealous about that!

Here's my first painting...
and my 15 minute second painting

I think this is a little vague- that' a giant hill in the background. I am not practised at painting mountains...
I learned a lot and had fun, Tomorrow we go to his studio and paint still life and apparently we get lunch! ( better be good!)
So after the farmers market set up ( 6 AM) and starting the commission for the bakery lady -I go there.
 AND I have a nice one armed farmers tan. 


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You are so lucky! Hey I have that easel - you can have mine - I never use it! Too heavy, too small... but you give it a try - and it's yours! (the box, you can use your own tripod).

What are the colors he has you use? Does he tone down his colors (they look very subtle)?

Paintings by Patricia said...

What fun, Sally. I could never do that much of a painting in 15 minutes.
Looking forward to the next installment.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Thrilling! What a life! and a Farmer's tan ;D

Sally Dean said...

Wow kelley- I ll take that easel!