Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(I'm no) spring chicken 6"x6: oil on panel

I am 52 years old today FITTY TWO!
Geez- thats strange- it is true- you can still feel young, but in an older body. But I am proud to be here and look forward to many more healthy years.
Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday today- I'm far from home but coping here in Hawaii (:
I was having breakfast with my Dad and he said- "grab your camera- Jan's shearing a sheep!"
I've never seen that- so I ran out to the barn. Okay, its  cool- but actually scary -Jan did a great job wrestling the sheep and I helped by holding the sheeps  head. Its a freakin' miracle no one got hurt.
Theres a body under there!

"Where's your sweater- uh oh- am I next?"

"Well, I guess that wasn't THAT baaaaaaaaaaad...."


Paintings by Patricia said...

LOL, Sally....Like the chicken.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Sally! I sure can't imagine a better place to celebrate a birthday.

I love the chicken and your sheep shearing photos, too.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

love the funny post.
Fitty Two. Wow, you are a spring chick compared to me :D