Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the gift of spring 6"x6" oil on panel

Yesterday when I arrived home there was a present left for me by my wonderful, beautiful friend and neighbor Carol Kilroy.
There was a sweet vintage floral sundress and these lovely little daffodils !
Thank you Carol.
I still need to tweak the pretty yellow paper wrap.
The past few days have been a gift- warm and sunny-and everything feels hopeful again.
Spring has sprung! Snowdrops and crocuses are emerging,and whatever follows this weather- I don't care!
Heres the first layer of acrylic on the big canvas- its so fun and freeing to paint big.


Anonymous said...

Both of these are so sunny and warm looking. Very nice.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Glad I clicked through to your blog = a bunch of text was missing from my email post! Will you paint oil over the acrylic - and why? Is this 'my' Carol? What a nice girl!

Sally Dean said...

hmmmm- feedburner is letting me down?
different Carol- another peach.
Yes- oil over acrylic...i think- not sure actually- I am liking the acrylic!