Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Travel day" sketchbook art and photoshop 199th post

Traveling can tough- and Hawaii being 7,000 miles away from home makes it a bit of a  challenge. I didn't get to post- so tomorrow will actually be 200! But I sketched these yesterday- (the only flower clad person was the beatnik guy in the hawaiian shirt)
I managed to make all my connecting flights ( 3 flights!) and everything was- uneventful.
Uneventful is the best flying can be.
However I had a calamity in LA - I clawed my way over to  the kiosk where everyone powers up all the electronic devices that we simply can't live with out (guilty!) I had propped my computer bag at my feet .
A man appeared with a full cup of coffee and somehow dropped it upside down right into my bag. I looked in shock and horror almost as if it were in slow motion.
I had to throw away my rice filled eye pillow that was actually luckily in the bag and absorbed much of the spill- and computer and camera were in cases inside the bag and by some miracle didn’t get wet.
The whole escapade made me miss the boarding call - I had to leave everything to run to the Starbucks and get paper napkins (people were staring no-one would help me- even the guy who spilled it!) I was a lttlle late for boarding but made my flight- when I sat in my seat I had a ravaged shell shocked feeling. Not to mention reeking of coffee.
That last flight was SO long- but I am finally here- and it is worth every second of being on those planes.
Now I am on the lanai with Dad- its rainy but green and lush and showing signs of clearing- frogs are croaking, birds are chirping, a butterfly just came by, the dogs are napping, the kitty is stretching, the sheep are sleeping, the cows are mooing and the chickens clucking.
I worked in my altered book this morning-my cousin Julie had a brilliant idea of selecting words on the page to highlight them- and the words were Jan (my step-moms name) beauty, hand, tree, change, dignity, house, hearth,life and joy. Quite fitting.
The page on the right is the orchid that was on the table.
I am all set up to paint a my first oil- and its going to be the giveaway tomorrow! It's an alamanda from the front garden, its the blooming tree over the red door.
So many blossoms to choose from!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Your experience in LA might have undone me.
Looking forward to that beautiful painting. What lush growth.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

ooooh, they even have rain bells?
Love those.
You got SO lucky with your computer and camera and all. I'm happy that it didn't turn into an 'ISSUE"!!
Love You, enjoy!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

1) OH! Stranger-Coffee-Spill - it's a hang-able offence!!! Poor you - I hate that feeling when you've had to run for the gate!
2) I am not feeling too bad for you because I know you spent that LONG flight in FIRST CLASS! (I'm 'outing' you!). Imagine if you were in steerage..... (which, of course I would still do in a heartbeat) imagine how tedious... and cramped!

Sally Dean said...

i can never go back now Kelley- TO THE CATTLE IN THE BACK OF THE PLANE.

Anonymous said...

You're right, you ARE in heaven. But personally I think you went through hell to get there. That whole coffee thing would not have set well with me, particularly since the culprit refused to help. Your journal pages are wonderful and I can't wait to see your new paintings.

Anonymous said...

Safe and sound! Can't wait to see your first painting from the island.


P.S. my word verification was booty. haha