Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Day on the Farm 8"x8" oil on canvas

This is the other side of the gate-and what you see when you pull into the driveway.
My Dad and his wife have made a tropical oasis here- I never want to leave! But it costs too much to bring all my friends and family here- so I guess not...Wait- you can all come!
Dad and Jan won't mind...
The weather has been too good to paint inside- ( is that bragging- well it does rain here- a lot) and I plan on finishing this and the others I have started- I am actually ahead!

Here is a shot of the garden the middle schoolers in Waimea (the bigger town just up the coast from here) are working on. Jan is a past board president, She told me that  Pre- World War Two Hawaii was self sufficient for food production. Then everyone began relying on imports -so now 90% of the food is imported. And it is not cheap! Actually everything is expensive here- except sunshine and the aloha spirit.
They are attempting, by teaching the kids to grow food, to change that.
I am going to do a painting of the farm to donate to the fundraiser they are having for the farm.
Here is my friend Rosie-
I love to pat her and scratch her ears. She likes me -I think...She reminds me of my dog Oliver.
I miss my dogs!

Not a bad place to hang out...
Here's one of the girls- she is so generous!

And eggs ARE good for you-even the yolks! My friend Gail TOLD me so. So eat up!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Once again... thank you for sharing. I feel like I am there with you. Cold here today (after 2 days of freezing, driving rain). So I'll soak up some Paradise from you. Love your painting of the 'first look' at the farm!

Anonymous said...

Sally -- It's like you took me on vacation with you...well, except for the drinking part. ;-) I'm enjoying your photos and paintings!


Marita said...

Wow - I *could* have been there with you! Just returning from Waikiki... Nice note about sustainability. I learned all the lovely orchids now used for leis come from Thailand. This looks like a magnificent place with a wonderful mission.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Such a beautiful place, Sally. So happy for your enjoyment and your vacation!!
Love your animal friends!