Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Dance 10"x10" acrylic on cradled panel

Back in my youth I used to dance every week- sometimes twice a week- and now unless it's a class, or a wedding ( rare) or bar mitzva (even rarer) I hardly dance at all.
Zumba is fun, but I feel I have to follow along and sometimes I don't want to!
On  Friday, March 9 , 7-9 PM (or 10- tbd), I am collaborating with Laura Harvey (partner in crime), Marnie Bacon ( music and movement expert) and Tori Brega ( atmosphere and lighting genius) to create an event at the North River Arts Society called "Just Dance"!
No judgments, No  follow along steps. Low lighting and awesome inspiring music of all genres. 2-3 hours of jumping around. Thats it. Only $5 bucks to come!
Dance like no one's watching.
Dance like Elaine on Seinfeld ( me)
Roll round on the floor that I will personally clean.
or don't dance! Just hang out.
Come and have fun with us!
If it is a success we hope to do it on a regular basis.
It will be up on the NRAS website soon, if you don't get their emails be sure to contact them!


Page Railsback said...

What a great that

Fay Terry said...

Great painting and great idea! I miss dancing, too. Wish I lived close enough to come join you.

Sally Dean said...

i wish you did too Fay! You never know...!
THanks Pagie...