Friday, January 20, 2012

Red Boots Waiting 10"x10" acrylic on cradled panel

Red Boots- ready to put on?
Or have they been taken off?
Either way, the red boots are there for the journey.
I might have a few little tweaks to do as I see it here.
I started this on my "girlfriend gratitude getaway" and finished it in my studio. 
It snowed last night- here's Winnie after her morning  squirrel chase.


Anonymous said...

I just love this cheerful painting with all the primary and secondary colors well represented. I enjoy your style.

Paintings by Patricia said...

The red boots have stories to tell.....very pretty this am.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Always love to see what the red boots are up to! And - is that a Unicorn Head on the wall?

Barbara M. said...

Hi Sally,

I love your work. So cheerful and bright. Fantastic.

XO Barbara