Sunday, January 29, 2012

Outsider art in NYC

Had a great time this weekend in the big apple!
Loved seeing the outsider art show...Outsider art , or folk art,is by self taught, visionary, naive,and sometimes mentally ill and disturbed people. These paintings are a couple of my favorites. We really enjoyed seeing our daughter Markie and her boyfriend Byron, and visiting the Moma was awesome too! What a fantastic city .
Top - Dan Casado
Bottom- Jennifer Harrison


Maureen Brookfield said...

Manhattan! one of my all time favorite places to be... MOMA's brilliant!
Glad you had a great time there Sally.

Love the thick texture on the houses... definitely my favorite painting of the two.

Gail Marie Nauen said...

Hi Sally,
Where in NYC was the Outsider Art Show?
I would love to view more images on line if available.
Thanks for posting!