Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This is one of three 6"x6" acrylics I did right after the New Year.
She's a bit pensive...
 Yesterday's visit to my friend Caroline's house in Plymouth- - this is her back yard! We went for a glorious walk in the woods. Lucky her and lucky me!

Tried my hand at popovers- never have done this before- they were pretty good but need to learn a few more tricks.  Wonder if they would work with whole wheat flour?


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Sweet painting! Lucky you to have Caroline as a friend, and she shares this place with you!

I TOLD you you could do popovers - they look great! What was wrong with them? A small pat of butter when you break them open is the KEY! Whole wheat flour would make them coarser - they are supposed to be like melting paper in your mouth (dripping with butter or drippings from the meat, of course!)

Kim said...

Good job on the popovers, Sally! YUM! I love popovers and I have a lot of experience making them. They should puff up high and stay that way even after you take them out. One trick is to have the batter at room temp before baking. Some recipes call for putting them in a cold oven, but I have not seen good results with that method.