Saturday, January 21, 2012

"my sister Mary B" watercolor on paper from about 1980?

I found this on in the attic stacks-painted  one summer day at my our childhood home I imagine.
I am blessed with a sister- we are closer now than we were growing up, I was the annoying little sister than ( still am probs!)
My sister is funny, irreverent. smart, a real Martha Stewart, makes yummy bread and loves her cats and her husband- in that order...well not really.
She's pretty and has her own unique fashion style.
She is an graphic design professor - put herself through grad school later in life.
you can see her work here.
Her home is always a pleasure to visit- inspires me every time. We love to tease and kid each other and she is the first to point out my typos ( I do them on purpuss to make her happy -her hee)
I love my sister.  Shes coming over today!


Paintings by Patricia said...

Nice find. Love your sister's work, especially the digital photos.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

fabulous and I finally figured out that Bryson is Mary :D