Monday, October 19, 2009

alstroemeria 8" x 8 " oil on panel

These flowers are ones that last forever in a vase-I want to work on the background a bit more here...
I had a fun afternoon with my friend and neighbor Tori- we did a fake storefront for the local

haunted house fundraiser for the Boys and Girls club.- it was a beautiful day and warm in the enclosed area we were working in. We used old windows and other scrap wood and paint...other decorators creations gave us some great ideas too! I cant wait to see what the finished event looks like with the fog machines, lights and spiderwebs!


Howard Alan Events said...

What beautiful flowers-- looking forward to seeing what else you place in the background

Sally Dean said...

thanks! so far I have placed nothing there- might not at this point.
One of the problems with this project is not enough time to finish.
Working on that one... thanks for the comment!